About the Ferries

The L. Duck, Church Point Ferry Service, Pittwater NSWThe L. Duck

The L. Duck was named after the much loved ferry driver of over 33 years (1962 – 1995), the late Lenny Duck.

The ferry was custom built in 2011 to serve the needs of the Pittwater community and its visitors.

The L. Duck is an environmentally friendly, state of the art vessel. Its professional design is ergonomic with the most recent developments in collision and stability safety. The Duck seats 80, with 8 outside foredeck seats.

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The Amelia K, Church Point Ferry Service, Pittwater NSWThe Amelia K.

Along with the L. Duck, the Amelia K is one of the main ferries for scheduled services.

She was purpose built by the previous owner, Jack Kirkpatrick, in 1995 as a dedicated vessel for this service.

Constructed in aluminium and surveyed to carry 65 passengers she is fuel efficient and rugged. Known by the locals as the “Tin Can”, the “Kettle” or the “Ferrari” she does the regular school run from Scotland Island and the Western Foreshores to Newport School.

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Church Point Ferry Service: the ElvinaThe Elvina

The Elvina operates as a back up in order to maintain the integrity of the ferry schedule. She has recently undergone an extensive rebuild by Cardiff Shipwrights of Lovett Bay, and is now in pristine condition.

Surveyed to carry 27 passengers, the timber vessel was a classic ferry of the time. She is believed to have been built in 1928 by Goddards of Palm Beach, and was originally called the “Falcon.”

In the 1940s she was bought by the Port Jackson and Manly Steamship Company. Ferry services around this time were quite basic, mainly tourist trips around Pittwater. In 1934 the Port Jackson Company purchased the controversial “Currawong” site and added this vessel to its ferry service. Afterwards it is believed the Falcon was put to work during the war, taking troops to the gun emplacements located on West Head.

It is also thought E.H. Caldwell of Church Point purchased the Falcon in December 1951. Her name changed to the Elvina, after one of the bays serviced by the Church Point ferries. Likely this was when the Church Point Ferry Service started under its current trading name.

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Available for special occasions

The L. Duck and the timber Elvina are available for special occasions. Find out more about chartering and day trips around Pittwater.